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Terra Mar offers a great launching platform for many things to do while in Big Sur. Of course, just lounging at Terra Mar may be just what you're looking for. Given that, you've got a spotting scope handy for whale watching, bird watching, or star gazing, an extra large hot tub in the Master Bedroom with plate glass windows that slide open to give you a view to the heavens.

During winter the whole population of California Gray whales migrates twice past the central California coast. Once when going to the warm lagoons of Mexico to spawn and breed, and once again when returning to their feeding grounds in the frigid waters off the coast of Alaska.

During summer the coastal waters off Big Sur are host to the largest mammals on earth, the Blue Whale. In addition, Humpback whales are sharing the waters as they enjoy the abundant krill. You can spot whales from most any point that you can see the ocean.

On land, enjoy our feathered friends the California Condors that are being reintroduced to the rugged Las Padres National Forest by the Ventana Wilderness Society. Condors are commonly spotted roosting in the trees in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and can be seen soaring above the Big Sur Valley.

Big Sur also offers many hiking trails that are close-by.

Guided hikes are available upon request through the Post Ranch Inn or you can venture off to any of the local state parks to discover an abundance of Local Hikes.

Massage therapists are available upon request through the Post Ranch Inn.

Dining out; for a complete list of restaurants in Big Sur, visit the Chamber of Commerce web site.


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