Managed by Post Ranch Inn of Big Sur Frequently Asked Questions

This finely designed luxury property features a stunning view of the Big Sur Coastline from an area in Big Sur known as Coastlands. Terra Mar is a fully equipped luxury property managed by the famous Post Ranch Inn.

Terra Mar offers:

  • Privacy!
  • Fully equipped luxury kitchen
  • Fully equipped entertainment center including:
    • Big screen television with surround sound
    • DVD Player
    • CD Player
    • VCR
    • Cassette Player
    • Luxury leather furniture
  • Master bedroom with large hot tub
  • Guest bedroom with private shower & toilet
  • Outdoor barbecue and outdoor wood burning fireplace
  • Guest house
  • Unobstructed coastal views!

Terra Mar is approximately:

  • 6-hour drive from Los Angeles (300 miles)
  • 3-hour drive from San Francisco (150 miles)
  • 45-minute drive from Monterey/Carmel (30 miles)


Monterey Airport is approximately 35 miles north;
San Jose International Airport is approximately 90 miles north;
San Francisco International Airport is approximately 150 miles north.

Call 1-800-527-2200 to make your reservations or for further inquiries.

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