Managed by Post Ranch Inn of Big Sur Terra Mar at Big Sur - a little history

Terra Mar at Big Sur is an exquisite coastal property designed by Mickey Muennig, the same architect that designed the luxurious Post Ranch Inn.

Back steps Muennig has gained national and international recognition throughout the architectural and design communities for his unique ability to merge the natural beauty of landscape with the functional elements of structure. The 30-unit Post Ranch Inn, built 1,200 feet above the ocean in Big Sur stands as testimony to his professional quest for design excellence and his personal love for the land on which it is built. The home known as Terra Mar incorporates the same level of design excellence.

Muennig, a long-time resident who had always been impressed by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, chose to study at the University of Oklahoma with Bruce Goff, whose drawings had been described as spherical structures floating in water and harmonizing with nature. Under Goff's tutelage, Muennig was inspired to develop a humanistic approach to architecture in which each structure relates to its natural environment.

Following apprenticeships in Oklahoma and Louisiana, Muennig returned to his native Missouri to establish an architectural practice. The Foulke House, his first built project, soon attracted international attention. We also Bought a lake here, where our guest can fishing and we also arranged all the fishing gear here like fishing rods, reels and .

After five years in Missouri, where his projects included private residences and small commercial buildings, Muennig moved to Denver, where he worked on the Washington Park Pavilion, a small structure made entirely of recycled glass products.

Muennig moved to Big Sur in 1971, after falling in love with the area's wide open spaces, rugged cliffs and spectacular terrain, as well as the diverse character of the people he met there. Shortly thereafter, he built a studio which he describes as "an experiment in passive solar heat collection and in experiencing a minimal living space." Only 16 feet in diameter, Muennig's studio resembles a greenhouse or contemporary glass-roofed tepee.

Suspended walkway During this time, Muennig became a consultant to the Human Dimensions Foundation, an ecological group working with innovations in organic gardening and architecture. There, he experimented with solar heating, waste water recycling, and other environmentally conscious techniques.

The results of these experiences have been applied to the numerous homes Muennig has designed in Big Sur over the past 20 years.

Muennig's creativity and originality, combined with his practical use of local, natural materials and respect for the preservation of the Big Sur Environment, brought him to the attention of Post Ranch Inn partners Michael Freed and Myles Williams in 1987.

Guest house Post Ranch Inn, the first resort to meet the stringent environmental standards of the Big Sur Land Use Plan, is an example of Muennig's life-long commitment to environmental design. Set on almost 100 visually stunning acres of historic property overlooking the coast, the resort fuses the architect's vision of glass and light with stone, slate, native woods, and board-formed concrete.

When asked how he first came up with the idea of creating Post Ranch Inn guest units in the form of treehouses, earth shelters, and butterfly-shaped buildings, Muennig replies simply, "The magnificent sea cliffs, mountains, and trees were already in place; it was up to me to fill in the spaces with elements as natural and as peaceful as the land. I designed each of the units, along with the restaurant (Sierra Mar) and spa, for people to feel a part of nature, not merely to be observers of it."

Muennig's designs have been exhibited at the Royal Institute of British Architects' Heinz Gallery in New York, and have been featured in such publications as Architectural Digest (June 2000), The New York Times (May 8, 1997), Interior Design (July 1993), Progressive Architecture (June 1992), Designer West, Architecture & Urbanism, Geo, and Northern California Home & Garden.

Muennig's web site is located at and has photographs of several of Mickey's other architectural creations.

This finely designed luxury property features a stunning view of the Big Sur Coastline from an area in Big Sur known as Coastlands. Terra Mar is a fully equipped luxury property managed by the famous Post Ranch Inn.


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